January 22, 2023. “8th Air Force, Second Edition” & “20th Air Force, Second Edition” went live on Kickstarter today and funded over goal in ONE HOUR! We at Fortress Games are now focused on wrapping up all the changes and getting these off to the printer, aiming for our May 2023 fulfillment goal. Thanks KS community!

January 19, 2023. “8th Air Force, Second Edition” & “20th Air Force, Second Edition” were pre-launched on Kickstarter today, launching on January 22! The new editions come in 11 x 9 x 1 bookshelf boxes, and all game counter, player aid, and map board art has been upgraded, as have the game manuals. New exciting optional rules round out the new offerings!

August 30, 2022. “Save South Vietnam!” – #2 in the Top 6 Games of 2021! See it here: Top 6! Solitaire Wargames of 2021

August 26, 2022. Just released: THREE official Scenarios for “Save Afghanistan, Comrade!”: “Having landed in a war…”, “We admire your relentless struggle”, and “The decision to withdraw Soviet troops”. (Go to the “Save Afghanistan, Comrade!” link on this site and scroll down slightly to “New Scenarios for Save Afghanistan, Comrade!” for the free download.)

August 21, 2022. Just released: THREE official Scenarios for “Save South Vietnam!“: “Send in the Marines!”, “Cambodia and Laos incursions”, and “Paris ‘Peace’ Accords”. (Go to the “Save South Vietnam!” link on this site and scroll down slightly to “New Scenarios for Save South Vietnam!” for the free download.)

August 8, 2022. Many of us are fans of Wayne Hansen and his online play-throughs and reviews. Wayne just reviewed “Save South Vietnam!” and declared it “the best Vietnam War game there is designed for solitaire play”. You’ll recall that the WW2 Solitaire Board Game Channel likewise placed “20th Air Force” in the top three games they’d ever played. Thanks for all the support from reviewers and loyal customers alike!

January 12, 2022. Kickstarter fulfillment completed yesterday, only 42 days after our Kickstarter campaign ended! Hundreds of games mailed out to US and Canadian buyers, campaign 300% funded. TODAY, “Save Afghanistan, Comrade!” and “Save South Vietnam!” are available for sale on Amazon in the US and Canada.

January 5, 2022. Check out “Tony’s Board Life” as he unboxes “Save Afghanistan, Comrade!” January 13: here’s “Moe’s Game Table” as he unboxes both games.

October 5, 2021. Kickstarter campaign “Save Afghanistan, Comrade!/Save South Vietnam!” 100% funded on day 4! And, we expect a super-fast fulfillment post-campaign.

October 1, 2021. Kickstarter campaign is live: “Save Afghanistan, Comrade!/Save South Vietnam!” will run through November 30 – twin solitaire games on the Soviet war in Afghanistan and the US war in Southeast Asia.

March 15, 2021. Fortress Games now sells in Canada as well as the US, through our Amazon store site. What a great day for North America!

January 21, 2021. Fortress Games is now selling “8th Air force” and “20th Air Force” on Amazon! Initially we have limited quantities, but will “fill up our shelves” as fast as we can!

December 4, 2020. Read Rick Martin’s (Editor of Armchair General magazine) review of “8th Air Force”, titled “Reaping the whirlwind – Fortress Games’ 8th Air Force Board Game Review”. Thanks, Rick!

November 16, 2020. Kickstarter campaign ended today, almost 300% funded! Now we’re hustling on fulfillment: can’t wait to get these games into everyone’s hands!

November 13, 2020. Listen to our “8th Air Force/20th Air Force” PODCAST interview with the game enthusiasts at “Lead Pursuit”!